Friday, January 15, 2016

Bajre ki Tikki

I am here again with the recipe of my Bajra tikki.It's very traditional sweet in western U.P.I still remember my grandmom making these during our winter vacation visit to native.That flavor still linger on my taste-buds and I am damn sure can't be replicated! reason is simple,she used to grind fresh produced milet at home and jaggery was fresh made too !(ahh i miss those days )
There was time when it was must to made them on makarsankranti festival ! but Its sad that as like other many regional dishes,this also is rare to find in houses these days. Mayb because Bajra(milet) flour is not easy to work with.little bit less something n there will be no flavor.on the other hand try adding more n you end up with mess.(believe me I did that Many times)

I learnt this recipe from my Mom,n she got it from my Grandma. Its kinda secret one,as my mom used to laugh whenever I asked her,why only her's have soft texture in middle instead of other's all tight textured tikki Finally the truth has revealed last year..She use milk soak jaggery !!!also,DON'T try to add more jaggery,it will crumble the tikki while frying.
😊So,no matter how many websites tell you about using water to knead dough,just DON'T do it !! otherwise all your hard work will go waste as all tikkies will be rock solid once cool down.


300gm Bajra flour 
100gm Jaggery 
1.5cup milk(full fat)
Oil for frying
Till/Sesame seeds for coating


  • Soak grated jaggery in milk for n hr.
  • Take flour in bowl n start kneading it with adding jaggery milk in very small amount.
  • Keep kneading for 15-20 minutes.
    After 15-20 minutes you ll get very smooth dough to work with.
  • Make ball in size of your palm centre.Roll it in sesame seeds.Roll in between your hand with slight pressure n you ll end up smooth thin edge n thick in middle type disk.

  • Fry them on lowest heat for couple of minute each side.(max 4-5 at a time).
  • Have them warm and store remaining in airtight container.

# Knead atleast for mentioned time otherwise your tikki ll not get smooth edges n ll crumble in oil.
You can see the roughness of dough in starting of kneading.After 15-20 minutes you ll get very smooth dough 

## Making tikki in above mentioned way ll help to retain bit of softness in centre yet crisp outer layer.
### While frying they ll b very soft to handle gently.They ll become crunchy once get cool.
#### DON'T make tikki thin otherwise they ll become too hard to eat.


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