Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Roll


For Wrapper(it will make arround 6-7 wrappers)
1/2Cup Flour
1Cup Water
1/2 tsp Salt 

For Filling
1/4Cup shredded Cabbage 
1/4Cup shredded Carrot,beet root
1 Onion Julians
1/4 cup boiled noodles
2 garlic
1/4 inch garlic(optional)
1tsp soya sauce
1tsp chilli flacks
Salt to taste
1/4tsp Ajinomoto (optional)
Oil for frying


  • Mix flour,water and salt and make lump free past.
  • Heat non stick pan and add some drops of oil.put it on medium heat.take 1 tbsp paste and spread on pan as thin as possible(the thinner the better).in 2-3 minute it ll start leaving the edges,remove it from pan.make wrapper from remaining paste and keep aside.
  • In deep pan heat some oil.add ginger garlic and saute till it start sticking in bottom.Add onions.after stirring for 1-2 minuts add remaining veggies.saute for 4-5 minutes.
  • Add soya sauce,chilli flacks,ajinomoto,salt.filling is ready.
  • for filling method follow following steps. :)  make all and keep aside.

  • Heat oil in deep heavy bottom pan.put it on medium heat.fry rolls till golden brown.
  • Serve it with ketchup.

# in filling mushroom,cheese,cucumber any veggies can be added.

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