Monday, February 9, 2015

White Beans n Spinach Pasta !

Well m not that frequent in posting recipes now a day.Main reason behind this is my Gym Routine ! .Honestly its real tough for a person like me,who is complete foodie,its impossible to have bland food,So,i keep playing with flavors to make my lunch tasty...Second problem is time,as i don't like to spend much time in kitchen when m preparing only my meal.So,Now on wards i ll try to share my those recipes on regular basis..

So,Be ready to see endless number of healthy,diet friendly recipes.Hope ll be helpful 
Mostly i have pasta,oats,brown rice or semolina as lunch with the almost 90% veggies.which is really easy n fast to prepare n keep me full for longer time.

Starting with this pasta..its highly rich with protein n iron coz of white beans n spinach.
Here is the Recipe:


1Cup Elbow Pasta
1 Bundle Fresh baby Spinach
1Cup Fresh White Beans
1/2Cup Carrots(chopped)
1 Clove Garlic
1/4 Cup Milk
Pinch of Black pepper
Pinch of Salt


  • Boil Beans n carrot in some water for 5 minutes.Boil Pasta in salted water till al-dante.
  • Blanch spinach in hot water.
  • In Non stick pan sprinkle few drops of oil.fry(roast) chopped garlic.
  • Add spinach n beans and fry for couple of minutes.
  • Add pepper,salt n pasta with milk.Cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pasta is ready.Enjoy !

# Some broccoli can also be added.


  1. wow thats an interesting addition of white beans in pasta making it more healthier :) tempting me !!

    1. :) thnks..try it sometime..M hope you ll like it !


  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.