Friday, April 3, 2015

Authentic Laal Maans/ Mutton in red gravy

This dish is one of the topper in Rajasthani cuisine n always been must on royal dinner table ! (as told by their Queen on TV n many books)..Mastering in this dish is almost as crucial as Hyderabadi Biryani :P

I tried my hands on it several times n failed miserably !i almost lost the hope that i ll ever be able to make it...reason was not having proper recipe..if you ll google,there r n number of recipe which call for tomato but in real there is no tomato in this dish..
The main trick is to make perfect balance between heat of chilies n mildness from ghee as they r the two main star of this dish ! which finally i managed somehow :D

just look at the gravy color ! ooh !!

DON'T even think about replacing ghee(clarified butter) with any oil as it gives the signature subtle taste.You can add Kashmiri chili powder n reduce whole chili but it will effect the taste slightly.
Also i would suggest not to garnish it with any coriander or green chilies as the taste ll be subside which is strict no-no.


1 Kg Mutton (shoulder part)
4 Red Onion(medium size)
1inch Ginger root
10-12 Garlic (big Cloves)
12-15 Whole red chilies
1tbsp Whole coriander seeds
2 Black Cardamoms
4 Green Cardamoms
1tbsp Cumin Seeds
1 inch Cinnamon stick
1tsp Fennel Seeds
5-6 cloves
10 whole black pepper
1/6 nutmeg
1tsp Turmeric powder
1 Cup Ghee/Clarified butter
Salt to taste
for marination:
1Cup Yoghurt
1tsp chili powder
1tsp Ginger-garlic paste


  • Marinade mutton with yogurt,gg paste,chili powder for atleast 6 hr.(Best is 12 hr)
  • Chop onion in thin slices.Soak chilies in hot water for 20 minutes approx.
  • Slit the chilies n remove seeds n center vein.
  • roast coriander seeds,whole black pepper n cloves
  • In grinder.take chilies,ginger,garlic,all whole spices n grind into coarse paste.
  • Heat ghee in heavy bottom pan(or pressure cooker).Fry onion in it till golden brown in color.this ll take 10-12 minutes.
  • Add coarse chili-spice paste n turmeric powder and fry on very low heat for atleast 20 minutes.You can add 1/2 cup water.
  • remove mutton pieces from marination and add it in pan.Fry on high heat for approx 10 minutes.

  • Add salt n 2 cup of hot water.Let it come to boil.Close the lid n slow the heat.Let it cook for 1.5 hr.(if using pressure cooker,then time ll be 30 minutes)
  • Remove from heat n let it rest for atleast 15 minutes.
  • Serve hot with chapati.

# I recommend meat with fat n with bone.
## Timing is must.So please follow to the T .
### If using pressure cooker,make sure to cook on lowest flame n no whistle please.

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