Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fig Jam / Preserve

There was time when we used to get only regional produce in city..Kiwi,fig,dragon-fruits etc were just name in books.but now due to better transport n all we are able to have all kind of produce easily available in our stores and it feel amazing when i am able give a try to any  new thing n serve my parents.(though i never tell them price ).i love their reaction n joy of finally tasting such things which they only have seen over some inter nation TV channels !

This time when mom visited my place in Pune,I just brought some Fruit..Mom asked,'what is this?'..i smiled n replied 'Figs'...then she was like,'i never had them...we get only dried one back in U.P.'.Without any delay she tried one like a kid !!i told her that m gonna make jam out of them..n she was so glad with that.
once i made it,I gave her with some bread to try..n she thumpsup (believe me it really tough to get positive response from her) !!So..its sure thing 

You can make Pineapple or berry Jam similarly.I ll also try and share here soon !
I made 2 bottles and 1 of which i am gonna give to my in-laws after few months.for reserving,I Just dipped tightly closed lid jar in hot water for 10 minute so it got sealed.


1Kg Figs
300 gm Sugar
1Orange Zest
1Lemon Zest
1 Lemon juice(optional)

  • Peal and cut figs in a bowl.Mix in sugar and leave it for atleast 2-3 hours.
  • Place fig-sugar mixture in heavy bottom pan(prefer non stick)
  • Bring to boil than bring the heat on lowest.
  • Add lemon and orange zest.Let it cook for 30 minutes atleast.
  • Finally add lemon juice if using.
  • Transfer jam in cleaned and dry glass jar.
  • Store in fridge.

# Clean and dry the glass jar with hot water.n if you are making it for preserving for an year,just seal the lid using hot water method.
## You can add some cinnamon for change in flavor.

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