Friday, February 21, 2014

Poori ka Halwa

I know its weird name.but i can't help this time !This dessert is actually very close to my heart as many memories are attached with it.This used to be cooked in villages mostly after some big dinner parties (marriage mostly) when there must be 100's of poories(deep fried flatten bread dough) fried in pure ghee..So,this was the ultimate way to finish them in one go ! (smart huh !! )

At my grand parents home,my Grand Mom used to make them like no one else..(ahh,,miss you Dadi !) and she never told us what exactly it was as she knew we ll make faces instead of having. I still remember how she used to dry poories under sunlight then grind them using stone chakki !
This halwa is packed with nutrition like any other indian halwa...And best way to finish leftover Poories according to me. 

I made it bit thick in texture,but it totally upto you how you like your halwa..Just add more milk as per your taste n liking !  It doesn't need any ghee as poories are already full of them.But if you are using poories fried in refined oil,then add 1 tbsp pure ghee once it cooked.this will give it a very nice aroma.


8-10 Poories (refined or ghee fried)
2 Glass Milk
1/2 Cup Chopped nuts
4 tbsp Sugar
3 Green Cardamom(powdered)


  • Keep Poories in open air for overnight or in sunlight for a day Untill it become hard and crispy.
  • Crush them then coarsly grind using grinder.(like rava/Semolina)
  • Place grinded Poories in deap pan over high heat.
  • After heating up,add milk.Keep stirring n cooking on medium heat untill it get thicken and soft.
  • Now add sugar,nuts,cardamom powder.Mix and close the lid.Let it cook for another 2-3 minutes on low heat.
  • By now all milk will be absorbed.Now you can add some more milk if you find it dry.
  • Serve hot !

# It will become dry while getting cold..Just add some milk and reheat before serving.

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