Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pasta in White Sauce


1.5 cup Milk
2tbsp fine Four(Maida)
3/4 cup cheese
1 garlic(shredded)
3 tbsp butter
1/4 tbsp Oregano
5 Black pepper
2 cup Penne (al-dente)
1/2cup American corn,carrot,capsicum,beans(boiled)


  •  In saucepan melt 1tbsp butter.Stir in flour,sialt for 1/2min(don't let it   change color).
  • Add milk,cook and stir over medium heat until thicken and bubbly.
  •  Add half of the cheese and let it melt on low heat.
  • Adjust oregano,pepper and salt..White Sauce is ready!
  • In separate pan melt remaining butter and stir all vegetables for 2min than add penne,keep stirring for another 1min.
  • Now just add your white sauce and mix well.
  • Place whole pasta in big dish and sprinkle remaining cheese.
  • Serve hot n enjoy ! :)

#Prepared dish can be bake in microwave on 350 degree for 10min,untill cheese melts and become bit brown.
## Mushroom can also be used.
###You can also sprinkle some nutmeg powder in white sauce.

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