Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BBQ Chicken

I made this Grilled Platter some days back for us at dinner time...We both loved was simply collection of Seekh kababs,Grilled chicken,Shami kababs and some fresh salad !! its really a great way to enjoy something other then regular meal 

Here i am sharing BBQ style Grilled Chicken. Will share Seekh Kabab Recipe in my next post...


4 pieces Chicken prefer thigh n legs)
1 Onion
1tbsp Tomato ketchup
1tsp Garlic paste
1tsp Soya Sauce
1tbsp Vinegar
1tsp Chili flacks
8 Black pepper (crushed)
1/2tsp Woshershir sauce
1tbsp BBQ Sauce*
1tbsp Oil
1tsp Salt


  • Mix all sauce with garlic,black pepper,chili,salt properly.
  • Make 2-3 slits on the chicken thigh with the help of knife.
  • Take chicken and onion pieces in bowl and mix in 3/4 of marinade. Seal the bowl and let it marinade in fridge for at least 2 hours(prefer overnight)
  • Heat grill pan or simple pan.Take chicken out of the marinade and fry on pan 7-10 minutes each side.
  • Baste it with remaining marinade and fry for further 3-4 minutes each side.It will help to get caramelize the skin.
  • Serve hot with some salad.

* Home made BBQ Sauce: (3tbspDark Brown Sugar + 2tbsp Ketchup + 1tbsp Red Wine Vinegar + 2tbsp   Water + 1/2tsp Worcestershire Sauce + 1tsp chili powder + 1/2tsp Salt +1/4 tsp Black Pepper)

# BBQ Sauce can be stored in fridge up to month.
## Discard the marinade after taking out the chicken from it.DON'T use that while grilling.

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