Thursday, February 7, 2013

Date Marbles

I  was having date roll recipe idea in my mind.Yesterday i finally decided to give it try..But i don't know from where it turned into Date Marbles..   (it took me quite a while to decide the name  )They turned out very nicely and surely worth trying !


12-15 Dates
2tbsp Khoya
1Cup All purpose Flour
3tbsp Sugar
2tbsp Cornflour
3 tbsp Butter
2tbsp Coco powder
4-5 drops Vanilla Essence
pinch of salt
1/2Cup Cold Water


  • Remove seeds from dates and stuff the each cavity with some khoya.
  • Sieve flour,salt and cornflour together in bowl.Mix in butter with light hand till mixture resemble bread crumbs.Mix in sugar. Divide the mixture into half.
  • Take one half of mixture and mix in coco another mixture add few drops of vanilla essence.
  • Now make soft dough from both mixture separately.You may not require all water.
  • Roll white dough in a log shape.Similarly roll the brown dough too in same length.Now stick both and roll again.This way you will get a log hald brown-half white in colour.
  • Cut the log in 15 equal pieces.
  • Take one piece at a time,spread with your hand and carefully place date in center and cover (like kachori),roll it in bit cylindrical shape.
  • Repeat the same process and make 15 date rolls.
  • Bake them for 25 minutes on 160'C in preheated oven.Let it cool down.
  • Date Marbles are ready.Store them in airtight container.

# You can make full vanilla or full chocolate rolls if you want..I just made half-half to give nice color as well as taste.
## You can try different flavors like coffee or coconut etc.