Thursday, January 24, 2013


This one is another delicacy from Varanasi.We use to have them every visit to Vishwa-Nath Gali(its famous Gali of the city which is like heaven for jewelry lover ladies,Rani Mukherji once mentioned it in her one movie name 'laga chunri main daag' ).They are supar soft puries dunked in sugar syrup.In shops,they make it in perfect round shape,may be i will be able to make after so much practice. :)

Traditionally it is made with Khoya(mawa) which i will try soon but i wanted to make simpler version which i got in Tarla Dalal website.I made some adjustments in recipe and turned up nicely.

My recipe call it 1cup water to make batter but you test the better by dropping some drop in oil.This way you will able to know the temprature as well as right consistency of batter.If batter splutter in n comes on top add some flour and try again.

(7-8 Malpuas)

1Cup Dry Milk
1/3Cup All purpose Flour(Maida)
1/2tsp Ghee
1Cup Water
1Cup Sugar
1Cup Water
Few strand Saffron
3-4 tbsp Nuts(finely chopped)
1-2 Elaichi powder
Ghee/Oil for frying


  • Mix milk,flour,ghee properly.Make batter using 1cup water so that no lump remains.
  • Heat oil/Ghee in pan for deep frying.Oil must not be very hot.
  • Mix water and sugar in pan and put on heat till it get slightly thick consistancy(for about 5minutes).Remove from heat and add saffron and cardamom powder.
  • Put the flame on lowest.Lightly pour 1 laddle of batter in center.First it will sink than will come on top gradually.Fry both side untill edges turn light brown in colour.
  • Remove from oil and directly dunk it into syrup and close the lid.
  • Make other too following same steps.
  • Delicately remove from syrup.Serve warm or cold topping up with crushed nuts or rabri.

# You can remove each malpua before dunking another fried one as frying one takes 5-6 minutes which is               enough for previous one to suck up the syrup.
## If serving with rabri,it should be less sweet.

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