Friday, January 11, 2013

Sesame Chikki

Well its Makarsankrati again,in every region have there own traditional dishes like chikki,laddoos,pithas etc same as different name of this day like Makarsankranti,Bihu,Lodhi,Pongal...... but my first in kitchen ;) I still remember when mom use to prepare those boxes and jars full of sweet things like variety of chikki,laddoos etc... and the main ingredients was jaggery .

Generally chikkies are crispy in texture but this one is soft one.The recipe is from my mom n really never came across anyone else with such chikkies. Actually may back when my mom started her sessions in kitchen she was not good in making perfect syrup of jaggery so Nani (her mom) gave her idea to add bit of roasted flour in it which help to set them perfectly.So,even now when mom can mastered herself in syrup making,we all insist on this chikkies rather than crispy one as we can't have anywhere else in the whole world !!! 


1Cup White Sesame
3/4Cup Jaggery
1tbsp Water
1tsp Ghee
2tbsp Whole wheat flour


  • Roast sesame seeds on medium heat till it turns light brown in color.
  • Roast the flour in low heat till it turn light brown.
  • Grease with few drops of ghee the base of some steel plate or thali and keep side.
  • In heavy bottom pan heat jaggery,ghee and water together till just jaggery get melted.
  • Finally Add sesame seeds and mix well.Spread it on greased flat plate.
  • When its half set.Make mark with knife in desired shape.
  • let it get cool down completely.cut it at the mark which u make earlier.
  • Store it in air tight container.

# You can stick a peanut in center of every square to make it look interesting looking.

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