Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flan / Caramel Custard

After couple of fail attempt i have almost given up for making this.But,yesterday when one of my good friend Amrita asked me about it than i decided to try again.. & finally i got it right.(Although this one get bit overcooked.) 


1tbsp Sugar
1.5 Cup Whole Milk
1tbsp Water
1 Egg
1tsp Custard Powder
1-2 drop vanilla essence

For Caramel
1.5tbsp Sugar
1/4tbsp Water


  • FOR CARAMEL:In an pan, add water and sugar.Keep the vessel on medium high heat on the stove and let it cook until you see brown colored bubbles. Let it darken just a little bit(it will take just few second). Remove the aluminium vessel from heat immediately and spread the caramel evenly all around at the bottom of the baking pan. Let it cool, keep aside. This is the prepared Caramel, it sets quite quickly.
  • Whisk egg in different bowl.
  • Mix custard powder with 1tbsp water.
  • Heat milk with sugar and add Liquid custurd slowly and keep stirring to avoid any lump formation.Once it become thick,let it cool.
  • Once it become lukewarm add it in egg. and mix well using hand blender.Once it get thick than add vanilla essence.
  • Spread this on the top of caramel.close the lid tightly or cover with aluminium foil.
  • Steam on medium heat for 20 minutes.
  • Keep it in fridge and de-mold once get cool(arround 2-3 hrs)

# you can use pinch of cardamom powder instead of vanilla essence.
## original recipe call for 2eggs but reduced to 1 as i don't like egg smell.You can use    2eggs if u are ok with will make your custard more firm.

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