Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egg Parathe

A perfect breakfast for Sunday when we wake up late n want something filling !


2Cup Flour(Maida)
4 Eggs
1 Onions
2 Green Chilies
1/4tsp Chili flacks
Salt to taste
1/2tsp Green coriander leaves
Oil 2tbsp


  • Boil 2eggs.Peal,grate and mix with finely chopped onion,chilies,coriander,chili flacks n salt.
  • Mix flour,1tbsp oil,pinch of salt,than make firm dough with water. 
  • crack remaining 2 eggs in bowl and beat well.
  • take handfull of dough and roll it into thin n big chapati. Put 2tsp of filling on half of it,fold the other half over filling and seal it with water.(it ll look like half moon) 
  • Heat a flat pan.cook this filled chapati one side on medium heat than spread 1tsp of beaten egg and flip it,spread some oil over pan and follow same procedure on this side now.Cook for another 2minutes both side.
  • Your paratha is ready to be served with ketchup.

# You can add spices in filling if you like.
## You can add carrots n beans too.

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