Saturday, December 1, 2012

Carrot Cauliflower Pickle

This one is my first pickle recipe...A typical punjabi style 'achar'(pickle) which goes with any kind of indian meal..n for people like me,it can be my main dish with roti or paratha ;)..Very soon i will post my UP style pickle recipe..till then enjoy this sweet n tangy pickle !

I simply love this pickle.very easy to make... you can adjust the spices as per your can be preserved through out a year...but i prefer it to make in batches every that it can be consumed before veggies leave their crunch !!


1Kg Vegetable(carrot & Cauliflower)
500gm Musturd Oil
500gm Jaggery
400ml Vineger
200gm Ginger
200gm Garlic
1tbsp Black pepper
1tbsp Cinnamon(pounded)
1tbsp Clove
2tbsp Red chili powder
2tbsp Salt


  • Clean and cut veggies in desired size.Boil them with some water for 3-4 minutes.Drain and  spread on some clean cloth or paper under sun for atleast 12hrs.
  • Mix all spices and crush them in rough powder
  • Boil vineger with jaggery and keep aside to cool down.
  • Heat Oil in pan,add coarsely grinded ginger-garlic.Take off heat.
  • Mix oil and vineger mixture together.Add in vegetables and spices.
  • Transfer in dried glass container.
  • Keep it under sunlight for 2-3 days.

# its very important that veggies get dried properly.
##You can add turnip too in this..Just make sure total quantity remain same.
### Some people add equal amount of jaggery and makes pickle mostly toward sweet side.So you can add more if you like. 

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